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photo credit Misael Martínez
She-nah-num Salmon Prayer
Soon to be Bronze- pictured here in clay

This piece represents a prayer for She-nah-num (Medicine Creek/McAllister Creek), the salmon, and the many species (137) that are dependent on salmon. Each of the plants and animals on the prayer line (which is in the shape of the creek) is dependent on the salmon. We humans, and in particular the original inhabitants of this land also depend on the salmon for survival. The Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854 was signed along the banks of She-nah-num. I’ve been thinking a lot about this land that I live on, that it was stolen, and also that I love it deeply and feel it is the only place I will ever call home. As a multi-racial person I work to hold complexity and difference in my body and in my work. I strive to be a future ancestor.

This piece is shown in clay and wax. Get involved with getting this piece cast into Bronze and placed in a public space. Visit:…